I think she has a great deal of affection for Canada. She’s been here 25 separate times. That includes two years in the ’70s when she came twice in one year. That’s more than she’s been to any of her other realms. I think it’s significant that the first big trip she took as Princess Elizabeth was in 1951 when she came with Philip. That was a pretty arduous trip. And then in 1957 when she came, what was most significant to me is it was the first time she used television. It was the kind of warmup to her televising her Christmas broadcast for the first time that year.

Fortunately staff at Shanghai Zoo were understanding about the situation and gave Ms Li and her family a free pass to spend the rest of the day at the attraction while they worked hard to distract the tiger for long enough to recover the handbag and all the essential items it was carrying.

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Peacemaker In the early 1980s, Levi Montalcini started to bury the hatchet with everyone in the field, says Bradshaw. Their own quarrel over a paper he had published without showing her first was patched up when she took him aside for a chat at a meeting. “It ended what had been a strained and difficult time for me,” says Bradshaw. “But Rita had to endure a great deal of scepticism in the early days and there were times when she was justifiably defensive.” Her later discoveries faced no such scepticism. She showed, for example, that NGF had major effects on the immune system, yet another unexpected finding that became a major turning point in biology7.

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